We are working with Vinçon in one of the best proposals we had never offered. A special collaboration to find new concepts for kitchen gadgets and tableware. The selected proposals will be produced and commercialized by Vinçon.


Twice a year we develelop RedLab. In this second edition we are proposing to design focusing in four specific furniture categories. These categories are regardign to the specific interest of the more than 40 brands producers associated to Red.

FRESH* is a new initiative to promote young designers in Spain. Roomservice is enabling a space in their own gallery to host FRESH*, where the  proposals of young designers will be exhibited & sold.

O | CULTS is a platform for industrial designers. Our goal is to promote emerging design in Europe and America with the focus on generating new business opportunities. Apply now and get your personalized notebook courtesy of Leuchtturm 1917!

O-cults will be in Salone Internazionale del Mobile de Milan 2013 in the area of Ventura Lambrate with our designers in April. Come to see our space at Via Oslavia, 8, Pavillion M.

Product Edition Design Contest, open inscription until 20th December. O-cults+Brots+The Method Case launch this design contest to find proposal to be edited by o-cults and commercialized at Brots Gallery.




We want to hear your opinion, your feelings about o-cults, if you share our philosophy, etc. Here you can contribute with your opinion and see the current enquires results.



Here are summarized the status of Spanish product design industry and a approach to the producut design offer in Catalonia and Barcelona in particular